Prospective Activities/Projects

Tree planting

Clean Transportation, Air pollution

Eco-friendly packaging

Plastic pollution

Renewable Energy

“The heat is on” Advocacy

Waste to wealth



Global Warming

Climate Change

Waste Management


Renewable Energy

Project Zero Waste

Executed Projects

Awareness and sensitization of young students (Oregun Jnr. & Snr. high school and Babs Fafunwa Millennial school) on Eco-friendly habits for a sustainable environment and future.

Cleanup drains project with NYSC Environmental CDS group.

Launch of JOMO's pods, an active podcast discussion on ``Nigeria's waste palava`` seeking to create sustainable solutions and strategies to our waste problems.

Commemoration of the World Cleanup Day 2020 with a Cleanup and Sensitization exercise at Oniwaya Agege, lagos.

Awareness and sensitization exercise in Babs Fafunwa Millenial School on Environmental habits, climate change and climate actions.

Awareness and sensitization exercise in Ojodu Junior High school on Climate Change and Climate actions.

Partnership with individuals and green organisations for a clean up exercise at Charley Boy Canal, Gbagada.


Sustainable recycling project implementation in schools ”Project ZERO WASTE”.

Project Green-Up schools

Tackling climate change (carbon emission) for companies, estates and communities. Climate change is more than a technical problem. It is an adaptive challenge.

Advocacy and sensitization to eradicate trash/waste burning in a community to prevent climate change

Sensitization in more public schools as well as eco-challenge projects

Initialization of projects for WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY

Online campaigns on eco-friendly activities.

Sustainable/green transportation schemes using bicycles, curbing air pollution.

Campaign to ban single use plastics/Styrofoam in Lagos, Nigeria or specific places.

Tree planting exercise to mitigate climate change.

Partnership and grants from indigenous and foreign companies and NGOs.

Conferences and engagements to combat climate change.




Recycling ventures & vehicles

Drop off/ pick up points

Environmental ambassadors





Recycling ventures


To elevate environmental awareness at schools and to improve the conditions, quality of life and health of students and residents in general, as school waste is a source of disease and latent pollution.

To implement the Zero Waste at My School program in 10 low-income schools in Mexico City, positioning it as a proven, innovative and viable educational model for teaching and learning on a new approach to waste management, contributing to creating more environmentally respectful citizens.

To provide schools with the necessary tools to achieve the objective, namely specialized training, educational materials and infrastructure in line with the international standard, with a view to achieving the Zero Waste standard with at least a 90 percent recovery of waste.


The following activities will be carried out, based on an environmental evaluation at the schools:

Separation and recycling workshops for practical learning on the new culture, aimed at the school community as a whole

Specialized training on separation and recycling for teachers.

Design and development of didactic material, with content review.

Practical application of learning set out in the Technical Guidance Manual for Teachers.

Infrastructure consisting of seven plastic containers, colored according to the international standard, to install “green points” (collection centers) at the participating schools.

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